Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ystad! First stage cleared

Finally we made it to Ystad, ready to board a ferry to Świnoujście, Poland. Unfortunately we are in a library in Ystad right now and the computer doesn't let us do much!! Photos will come shortly - here are a few for now.

The first few days went really well, and riding through the countyside gives an amazing feeling of freedom - except when trucks pass you by and you squeeze yourself to the edge of the road! Here's a brief count of the travel so far:

Day 1: Karlskrona to Bromölla
After a kickoff that we will remember, saying goodbye to friends and with some following thanks to everyone who came!!), we travelled through Ronneby, Karlshamn, Solvesborg, etc.. we stopped to camp. A big thunderstorm put us to sleep, we got a little water in the tent, but otherwise all good!

Visa större karta

Day 2: Bromölla to Eljaröd
Yesterday we had quite a trip with a detour to Kristianstad. This is where we bought the bikes, and one needed some gear adjustments - those things are not always built with the best accuracy apparently... As recommended by Johanes, our personal repairman, we went to Åhus and found a beauuutiful beach and icecream :D. That was highway 118, then onto highway 19 we met headwind and a few hills to challenge our legs, but we were rewarded by views, forests and some downhill as well - these highways are not big, but with speed and a bit of traffic, we decided to wear our high-visibility vests. At around 7:00pm we decided to stop, having covered about 90 km and still 36km away from Ystad, we stretched and camped in a big garden by the Eljaröd village pool.

Visa större karta

Day 3: to Ystad!
Covered 36km in 1h30, sweet! Wondered around town, got the ferry booking, internet in this library (found the funniest internet cafe but it was closed, photo coming soon), and we're off the Poland tonight at 10:30.
Butts are not too sore yet, but feeling the muscles work for sure!

Visa större karta

Stay tune!

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  1. Awesome boys... Daniel and I are thinking and speaking of you guys on the daily...much love and keep the news and photos coming!!
    and keep up the good work!! much love :)