Saturday, June 11, 2011


Alright folks! We got to Berlin today via Szczecin, Gryfino, Schwedt, Angermünde, Eberswalde, and Bernau.

Sunset in Stettin (Szczecin ) Wednesday 8th - end of day 4

Leaving Szczecin yesterday (Thursday) took time! Crazy traffic forced us to stay on the sketchy pavements (some bits were good) for a while. We wondered first whether to keep going south in Poland, but decided small german roads might be better.

Heading to Gryfino, on the very bad bike path.

Bye bye Poland!

We crossed the border with no controls at Gryfino, onto some much clearer roads in Germany indeed - far from big highway traffic! After a quick stop in Schwedt, we camped near Angemünde which was b-eauti-full of lakes, wheet fields and flowers: quite stunning.

The average german doesn't seem to speak good English, even at the tourist offices in Schwedt and Angemünde! We asked a resident watering his garden if we could sleep nearby his house and the lake, but he made us undertand with hand gestures that drunk people might come asking for trouble later at night! LOL!! Maybe he didn`t want us there, but we camped further anyway!

Shop in Angemünde

Ahh the country side!

Our camp site

Day 6: It is by a lake, very pretty morning view

Today we punched out a few kms till Bernau, where we caught a train to inner Berlin. We'll be here until monday morning - fill you in soon!!

Größere Kartenansicht

Yeah!! wind power


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