Monday, June 13, 2011

Karneval der Kulturen!

Yesterday we had a chance to see "Karneval der Kulturen" in Berlin, pretty much a day full of people gathering on the street to enjoy the parade of culture and nice weather. It was amazing to see how many different cultures are mixed together in this city. The number of parade group is over 100 and it ran from mid day to 9.30 pm.

Also we had a chance to meet with a friend of Xav, Maggy and her friends, who are studying master degree in environmental technologies. We introduced the sustainability programs we have in BTH and had some interesting conversation about our trip and sustainability.

Today, we left Berlin in the morning. We decided to use the train instead of fighting our own way out of the busy city. On the train we met a Serbian guy who noticed the Sweden to Serbia writing on our bikes. It turned out that he used to do some long distance biking trip too. He kindly expressed concern by asking "how are your asses?"! A strange and funny question in normal situation, but very common for people who have done such a trip.We separated and he wished us luck for the rest of our trip.

After many questions about how do we keep our butt from pain, we seriously considered writing a blog post on how do we do it!

A lot of people came to the event by bicycle!

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  1. Sooo.... ...and the big question remains.

    How ARE your asses? Really wanna know actually =)))