Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Danube Baby!!

Guess what!?!? (and Mums dont kill us...) we got to Bratislava Sunday evening after a sweet ride along the Danube.

There a guy on a bike approached us and changed the course of the trip... He was riding his bike, and asked if we were really going from Sweden to Serbia, so we had a chat and he pointed us to a hostel on the river nearby. It turned out to be a paddling place (http://www.paddler.sk/) and the owner dared us to kayak down to Serbia on the Danube... Of course we laughed our heads off at first but he insisted, saying that people went till the Black Sea like that and it would be awesome for us. Damn straight it would be... after long hesitation and arguing we decided to work out a deal for the bikes and got ourselves two kayaks for THE REST OF THE TRIP!!!

Oh man... the guy guided us on the river on Monday and explained everything about the Danube: current, boats, damns, etc... the photos are from Xavs camera which is waterproof - battery is dead right now and we are in an internet cafe so we will post them asap!!! Crazy stuff and dont know where to start...

We had told Ride for your Rights in Novi Sad that they could have our bikes for their trip, plus we had other plans for july so of course we didnt start paddling to Serbia on the Danube (hehehe, do tell if you bought the story!!). Ok so to tell the real stuff, Bratislava and the whole ride to Budapest was great - but we were always very close to the Hungarian border and apparently that doesnt really represent Slovakia. In fact our Hungarian couchsurfing host just told us that Bratislava was the capital of Hungary for centuries (check wikipedia for the history lesson). We went along the Danube the whole day to Komarno on Monday, with tail wind the whole way, except missing the turn to the right bridge (we couldnt see the river from the track) so we lost about an hour there and made it to Komarno at 8pm. Massive Pizza, camp site, shower, dead.

Today we were on the road in Hungary. With no extra space of the road side, we kept focused on the road and didnt see much of the landscape! AND its so good to have tail wind... only since Vienna we had that since Sweden!! Probably thanks to it we covered around 100km in 5hours. The last 20km were quite intense with fast downhill stuck to the side of the road and quite some traffic!! In the end the city is beautiful and our host is really cool so we-are-happy!!

From now, 3 more days to Novi Sad!


  1. Hahahaha you got me! I was impressed that you were able to fit all your stuff into playboats (not much storage) but stoked you made the decision to paddle!

    Looks like you guys are having an amazing time. Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures.

  2. I fell for it.....all the while thinking about: are they crazy?what about RfR? are they crazy?what about RfR? :) GO u! AND SEE YOU SOON!

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