Thursday, June 9, 2011

The duo reached Poland!

Here we are back again!

After our last post yesterday we visited Ystad a bit, then boarded the ferry at around 9:30pm under rain and thunderstorm. Getting onto the ramp could have cost us the bikes, and we can thank the ferry poeple for yelling "stop!! Danger!" about the big grid our wheels could have got stuck into! So we broke (brakes, not break) and slipped and walked our bikes into the car deck, while being harassed to show our tickets! Phew! Anyhow we got to sleep in comfortable bunk beds and had a polish food apetiser! Oh and we made a drunken polish friend earlier: Mark, a judo fighter recommending us to keep smiling, OK!

Day 4: Swinoujscie to Szczecin
We did over 120 km today, including a couple of wrong turns. Started in gray sky, light drizzle and tail wind, to finish with sun and head wind. We found a camping site then rode into Szczecin - bicycle hell!! Unfinished new pavements, old pavements that seem untouched since the 50s, crazy traffic (half of which is trucks) and little indications. That said, it was fun!

A good night sleep and next stop, Germany!


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